Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hoods, Tests, etc.

Okay, my first rant has to be regarding the newest fashion trend at NPHS known as the hood. Every kid that has a hood insists on wearing it from one class to the next. It doesn't rain in the hallway, there is no need to wear your hood. The best response is when you ask/tell a student to take their hood off, they act like its the most offensive thing they have heard in their life. You get the scowl and then the stareback like..."Who are you to tell me to take my hood off?" I'm a teacher here, you're not supposed to be wearing a hood. Not only is it disrespectful of school policy, it doesn't look cool.
Famous Hood Wearers

Do yourself and your friends a favor...don't wear a hood in the hallway, in my classroom, and tell them to do the same.

So the Unit II test, not sure whether I want to do a Wednesday-Thursday thing or a Thursday(1st and 3rd)/Friday(4th-6th)/Monday(all) type of testing situation next week. We are so done with Unit II.

Grades - I give a very generous homework grade as some of you may have noticed. I have it built into my gradebook that every student receives +.05% to their grade to account for test grading/test/grader error. After these two "bonuses", I am not going to mess with your grade matter how close. A pre-emptive sorry to any and all affected by this. One final time...I don't care about your grade, I care about your score on the AP Test. Your grade before the homework kicker is what should be the most important.


mysocksdontmatch said...

"it doesnt rain in the hallway, there is no need to wear your hood."

i agree completely. i dont know why it is so hard for some students to simply take off their hood when asked nicely. personally, i think it looks stupid...

mysocksdontmatch said...

ps. nice choice of pics.