Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I awoke this morning in awful health...I'll spare you the details. At about 6:45pm, I decided I would check the Wiki and see if anything had gone on today. To my absolute amazement, there were several updates to the Project pages by a number of groups, and I must say, they look awesome!!!!!!

What's really amamzing is the fact that I have not necessarily "demonstrated" any of the skills needed to create a page. A huge compliment to your ability to use a relatively new technology. You guys are awesome, and so are your experimental design projects!!! Keep up the good work.

<---Lucy says good job!!! Really, I am not a crazy dog person, I just wanted to add some multimedia feel and this was a great picture of the dog. Pretty sure she wanted something from me.

With regard to the Chapter 15 Quiz, grades are posted as of yesterday on HAC(Home Access Center). I intend to hand them back to you on Friday. Also on Friday we will discuss the "faux quiz", on Chapter 16. The intention there was to give you something that provided an alternate context to the standard dice rolling exercises we've been doing for homework. Your experimental design projects will be graded over the weekend and entered into HAC at that time. They are going to be on the 2nd marking period. Sadly, your grade on the project will appear as a zero until it is graded, so please be patient. Finally, on the subject of grades, your homework grade is factored in as of Friday as well. The intent of this paragraph was so that I do not spend class time discussing this. Anyone asking in class will be referred to the blog.

Wow, fairly serious post. Here are three great links to some talks given at "TED", a conference of the smartest people in the world sharing their ideas. If you have 20 minutes to spare, that's how long it will take to view one video. I suppose I should say that you should view at your own risk and if you are offended by any of the content found here, it is not required that you watch any of it, or all of it, or some of it. I am simply posting it because I think there are some stat students that would enjoy and find it enlightening.

Juries Fooled By Statistics

No More Boring Data

Do Schools Ruin Creativity

I think most videos can be found here as well (

-Mr. C

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