Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome...and some Reading Quiz Feedback

First of all, welcome to the class and welcome to AP Stat, and I hope all is going well in your first days of school. I see by some of the Reading Quiz responses, that many of you will enjoy Penn State references throughout the year. I suppose I can allow 1, maybe 2 per month. Lucy(my dog) is able to remain impartial (my wife attended PSU).

Second of all, I want to use this blog as another form of communication with you, instead of getting on a tangent/rant/off-topic debate during class. The first thing I hope to communicate to you is some feedback about the Chapter 1 & 2 Reading Quiz. Good news is that I only have a few comments about it, you did pretty well.

On the reading quiz, several students showed a bit of uncertainty about mainly the Who and the What. Not many other errors were made in the understanding of the rest. Good thing is, When, Where, Why, How are important, but not the major players that Who and What are. So, for some emphasis, the Who is the population or group that you are studying or collecting information from, they generate the data. There has been confusion in the past with students mistaking the Who for the people who conduct the survey. The What is the variables that were measured, and they may be either categorical or quantitative. It is often helpful to consider the units. So, to identify the what, look at the data that was collected and determine what variable was represented.

In closing, great job on the reading quiz, keep reading the book! Take it easy. See ya in 12 hours!

-Mr. C

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