Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Burrito!!

Friday was a reasonably eventful day for me. I had our amazing tech assistants work on speeding up my laptop, I was using a document camera to get an English project in electronic form, filming a ball being dropped for a Calculus lesson, etc. Oh, there's some teacher duties thrown in there too. Working on these mini-projects resulted in me missing my lunch, and I continued to excuse it throughout the day by saying, "It's cool. Chipotle is on the way home so I'll grab a late lunch there." As it turns out, this was the greatest idea I have ever had.

I got out of the building around 2:50pm, by that point I was starving. Chipotle has never sounded so good. I get into Chipotle and order my chicken fajita burrito(I never order anything else), and as soon as I order the girl behind the counter says, "Free burrito!". Apparently Chipotle does a promotion where they randomly place stickers on the foils they wrap the burritos in, and whoever gets one of the stickers gets their burrito for free. They should call this promotion, "Make Mr. C's day the greatest day ever". This promotion usually results in giving 6 free burritos away per day.

So, as my burrito nears completion, the amazing Chipotle employees were talking about the free burrito promotion. Out walks the manager and explains to the other customers that had to pay for their burritos (ha!) this free burrito phenomenon. He then proceeds to say, "See, the more you come in, the better your chances are for a free burrito."

Well, wasn't he the lucky one to be giving the free burrito to the Stat teacher. I had to sit him down and explain that the probability of receiving the free burrito is the same regardless of the number of times I visit. For this valuable information, I'm pretty sure he was happy I got the free burrito.

Did I mention that I got a free burrito? And that's why Friday January 15, 2010 was one of the greatest days ever.

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