Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AP Stat Lesson: Unstructured Investigation

Give kids this: Hank Aaron - Home Runs by Pitcher

Let all hell break loose.

I've become quite a fan of "unstructured time" as of late, and I think this is perfect for an AP Statistics class.  I can see my baseball fans in class leaping at this opportunity to explore some baseball stats.  Whatever they wish to investigate, they are free to do so.  For the non-baseball fans, it may be just an opportunity to learn something about baseball.  I owe them some data on what they're interested in.  I look forward to hearing what a student that knows very little about baseball has to say.

Possible investigations:
1.  Comparison of Barry Bonds(or any other great home run hitter) to Hank Aaron. 
2.  Are pitchers today better (as a whole) than the ones Hank Aaron faced? (this comes from listening to Colin Cowherd say that Babe Ruth hit his home runs against guys who drove a milk truck in the off-season)
3.  Just how biased is this website?

Let them come up with how they're going to do any of the above. 

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