Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of Year Project Topics

This is an incredibly interesting list of project ideas that my students have generated.  I thought I'd share what they're capable of when they have zero restrictions...

10-11 End of Year Project Ideas 

Some highlights if you don't feel like reading through the whole thing...
  1. Mythbusters: Mac vs PC
  2. Value of a Power Hitter or Contact Hitter in Fantasy Baseball
  3. Developing software that is usable exclusively in an AP Stat class
  4. Using a test vs. a qualitative measure to assess learning
  5. Profiles of countries in a state of unrest to predict revolt (the wiki for this project)
  6. Price differences between Ebay and craigslist
  7. The chance of finding a 15 to 64 year old male in Luxembourg that is a noble compared to a similar-aged male in Denmark being a noble.  (easily the most unique project ever done)
  8. Using Wikipedia, how long it takes for random words using the formula of always clicking the first blue, unbolded and unitalicized word, lead to the end word of Philosophy. On the theory that every word in Wikipedia will eventually lead to Philosphy. Words will be chosen via randomized dictionary words. (based on the fact that clicking the first blue, unbolded, unitalicized word of every page eventually leads to Philosophy)
With a little bit of freedom (okay, a lot of freedom) they come up with some awesome topics and they really enjoy their work in class during these couple of weeks.

How will I grade them?  By writing a list of what the student did well and what the student did not do well. 

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