Sunday, December 14, 2008

College Football Bowl Picks - No school related content here

Oklahoma 57,349 Florida 35
Oklahoma has too many weapons on offense. The only one we know of is Sam Bradford. Seriously...high scoring game and I like Stoops (can't stand Urban Meyer)
UPDATE: Would love to change this pick now that Demarco Murray isn't playing. It'll be a close game, and the backup halfbacks are nothing to sneeze at.

Ohio State 28 Texas 17
Go Bucks! Texas leaves game saying "Wait...Teams play defense?"

'Bama 38 Utah 21 (Ouch...Actual Score Utah 31 'Bama 17. Had a lot to do with the best lineman in the country not playing. Hey, I almost got it right the backwards way.)

Virginia Tech 31 Cincinatti 21 (actual VT 20 Cin 7)

USC 17 Penn State 14 (actual USC 38 PSU 24)
I'll refrain from commentary on this one until Jan. 6

No commentary or score for the rest of them... (Update: Man did I miss all of these irrelevant bowl games. Good for those teams that showed up on game day - Ole Miss, Iowa, LSU, Notre Dame, TCU. Teams that didn't show up: Georgia Tech, Oregon State and Pittsburgh in the same game, BYU, South Carolina. The rest were good games that were pretty entertaining)
Ball St. over Tulsa
Buffalo over UConn
East Carolina over Kentucky
Texas Tech over Ole Miss (good game here)
Georgia over Michigan State
Clemson over Nebraska
South Carolina over Iowa
Georgia Tech over LSU
Minnesota beats Kansas
Boston College over Vandy
Pitt beats Oregon State
(Oregon State is not that good!)
Air Force over Houston
Oklahoma St. over Oregon (more than 5,000 points will be scored here)
Nevada over Maryland
Western Michigan over Rice (randomly generated a number between 1 & 2)
Northwestern over Mizzou
N.C. State beats Rutgers
Northern Illinois over Louisiana Tech
Miami beats Cal (look out for Miami in 2-3 years)
UNC over WVU (like this matchup for the early bowl games
Florida State over Wisconsin
Central Mich. over Florida Atlantic
Hawaii over Notre Dame

TCU over Boise St.
Troy over Southern Miss.
South Florida beats Memphis
BYU over Arizona
Fresno St. over Colorado St.
Navy over Wake Forest

I make this picks to keep myself interested in those December bowl games. If you would like to comment/dispute/offer your own picks, please do so by leaving a comment on the blog (not during class time). Let's see how I do.


downwithManU said...

all good picks but you cant overestimate any team, many people did that a couple of years ago with an undefeated boise state team, but if you think about it, alabama would be in the national title game if they hadnt lost the SEC championship game

gggauravvv said...

all of ur picks look good except ohio state vs texas. I dont think ohio state has shown us much this year. They lost both of their big games one to usc, and the other to penn state and the only other legitimate game they won was against michigan state. They won every game they were supposed to win but lost every game where they needed someone to step up. I've got texas over ohio state, i just think that terrelle pryor cant get it done this year

forevervora7 said...

1-3 on Saturday Mr. C....not a great start...but i like the commentary...props for that...