Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interims AKA Huge Freakout Over Nothing

Interims will be issued Friday. There are two assessments factored into your interim grade: The 2nd Unit II Test and the Chapter 11 Quiz. That's it. Some students will not be happy with a D or F on the interim. They will freak out. Their parents will freak out. Everyone is freaking out, because in the moment, that letter grade is the most important thing.

The solution to all the freakouts: Relax. There are numerous grades to be factored in for the remainder of the marking period. Unit III Test, Ch. 11 IT, Ch. 13 IT, Ch. 12 Quiz, Ch. 13 Quiz (maybe), AP Problem Set. Do well on these, grade comes up. Do your homework, grade comes up.

Why am I writing this? Your score on the AP Exam is the most important thing to you, not the letter that gets put on your report card that may or may not be put on the fridge. Trust me, you are well on your way to getting a good score on the AP Exam.

UNRELATED NOTE: If you're in the hallway while class is going on, there is no need to yell. Especially when the person is standing right next to you.

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