Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A list of what I do throughout the day that is related to my profession. 

Teaching Related
1.  Develop lessons for future classes that contain: relevance to what students are experiencing in their daily lives, use of technology, non-use of paper, interactivity(with course content/each other/me), use of a higher level of thinking, activity that is not note-taking
2.  Teach the lesson that was developed for the day: not by standing in front and lecturing(see #1), interact with students individually/in pairs/as a whole, provide guidance when necessary, ask students to demonstrate what they are learning at that moment, mini-lectures(5-10 minutes max.)
3.  Manage all paperwork related to students: field trips, assignment requests, absences, attendance
4.  Updates of class website: slideshows of class lessons, electronic documents for students not in class, links to subject matter, outstanding assignments due, etc ( and

Professional Development
1.  Communication with professionals around the world: discussions via twitter and blog commentary, read blogs of other educators
2.  Look at links provided by other educators around the world: what is useful for my course, what is useful for other teachers, what streamlines the educational process
3.  Provide links to others (around the world and at my school): sharing is a 2-way street
4.  Organize all new information received throughout the day into a relevant way for quick access
5.  Write blog posts (at home, since blogging is websensed at school): provide my perspective on education to students and other professionals so that they may agree/disagree
6.  Look at links obtained during the day that are websensed at school: all education related, most of the social networking related, thus the websense
7.  Brainstorm ideas with other techies about cool Web 2.0 tools and ways to use them in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, other curricular areas

1.  Grade management: grade some tests/quizzes, enter student grades, manage student/parent questions about grades, etc

Am I missing anything?  How different is your day from mine?

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