Friday, March 25, 2011

PA Education Budget...Am I reading this correctly?

To all my fellow educators in PA, readers in PA, and educators nationwide, please visit the link below and open the Excel file.

PA Dept of Education Budget

Check out line 10, the line for "PA Assessment".  Yes, that 36, 590 is in thousands.

Compare with line 9, the line for "Information and Technology Improvement".  4,266.

Pick jaw up off floor.

A statewide system of standardized testing is costing us $36, 590,000, yet they are calling for teacher layoffs?

Am I reading this correctly?  Please tell me if you have a different interpretation. If I am reading this correctly, then every person in the state of PA needs to see this.

Big props to Scott (Tuesday's With Swindy) for pointing me towards this.


Zack said...

Thanks for spreading this important piece of information. I am from PA (Pittsburgh Area), but currently teach at a private boarding school near Boston.

I currently teach AP Stats and based on your blog, it seems like you lead a wonderful course. Thanks for sharing all the great insights and resources.

Keep up the good fight!

Christiansen said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. I try to keep my blog as AP Stat related as I can. Sometimes a post or two is necessary to continue the education reform discussion.

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